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2015 - Behold The River 
'Behold The River' - The ancient Minoans lived on and around the island of Crete approximately three and a half thousand years ago. They were a highly successful seafaring empire. Their close neighbours on the island of Thera were destroyed by one of the biggest volcanoes in history which would have caused several tsunamis and probably led to the eventual demise of the Minoan culture.
It is, however, their Art that fascinates me. Fluid, free, bold and beautiful. How can a people who lived so long ago have created Art so modern and dynamic? This is my tribute to a truly remarkable people.

Across Minoan Meadows

Bull Leaping In The 21st Century

Escape From A Black Hole On Hawking's Radiation

Harvesting Science

For The Worms Who Till The Soil And Bury The Past

Clowning Around

Playing With Pixels

The End

The River Of Life

The Age Of Heroes

In Love

The High Priestess In Full Animation
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