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2010 - The Pounding Heart 
‘The Pounding Heart’ - A kind of Aztec urban graffiti


Nocturnal Passions - Sharing Sexual Desires

Atoms Jiggle, Wiggle And Dance - Cool And Hot

My Dream Home - Deep In The Right Side Of My Brain

Invisible Resourcefulness - Be Flexible From The Middle

Are You Really Left Handed Too? - Put Your Accessing Cues Back To Work

Exaggerated Bee Vision - Are Bees The Worlds Greatest Artists?

Waiting In A Wasteland - When All You Can Do Is Breathe

Shopping For Beauty - Wonders Of An Urban Landscape

Modern Day Alchemy - Creating Heat And Light

My Mental Team - Operating As Circus Clowns This Time

Ignore Obtrusive Communications - Ghosts Of A Bygone Era

Compliments Kill Shyness - Remain Creative And Involved
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